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Mindful Archery

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Take an inward journey as you employ the ancient art of archery. Used by many as a form of meditation and inward exploration, archery can help increase your focus, self awareness, self esteem, emotional awareness, and emotional control. Each one of our workshops is designed to help you find the Spiritual Warrior within. Mindful Archery is one way to relax the mind and body, and to learn to let go of attachment with the release of every arrow.

Mindfulness and Archery | Mindful Archery Workshops | Intro to Mindful Archery:

Experience: Beginner / Intermediate

Workshop Duration: 1hour 15 minutes

Explore archery as an extension of Yoga. While you learn the process of shooting a bow and arrow explore how archery can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and help to increase awareness and control. This introductory course is designed to familiarize you with the basic shooting technique and how archery can become a mindful experience.

Workshop outline:


Safety Guidelines


First Shot (guided)

Shooting Practice

Feedback and sharing

Shooting Practice (Mindfulness intro)

YogArchery Intensive Workshop (3 Day Experience)

Experience: Beginner / Intermediate

Workshop Duration: 3 Days

The truthful fusion between Yoga and Archery in one workshop. Experience how Yoga's eight fold path and Archery combine to give you an inward experience that will help you with focus, self awareness, and letting go.

In this 3 day workshop you will experience yoga philosophy, asana practice, pranayama and archery to help relax the body and settle the mind. Apply the philosophy that you learn to daily living and see how you transform your life.


Self Awareness
Hand Eye Coordination
Self Esteem